Yo, listen up, I got some legal slang;
Learn ’bout flat agreements,
and how not to be a fool,
Sign on the line, follow the rule.

Next up, let me show ya the way,
To fill out that DA form 2339 example,
So you don’t go astray.
Keep it tight, no room to play.

Now let’s talk ’bout the F1 visa life,
Are legal aliens allowed to work in the US without strife?
It’s all about the law, no time for a strife.

Roommates, we all need ’em sometimes,
But don’t forget that roommate agreement with rhymes,
Keep it legal, no need for dimes.

Hey, you, stay off my land,
Are no trespassing signs legal? I hope you understand,
Keep out, don’t make no stand.

Contracts, they’re what we need,
When you’ve got to create a contract agreement, pay heed,
Legal language, it’s a daily feed.

Legal assistants, they got the attire,
Stay looking sharp, no need to inquire,
Check out the legal assistant attire, take it higher.

What’s the legal age to drink in Singapore, you say?
I’ll tell ya, but don’t get carried away,
Play it cool, don’t stray.

Got a legal address, what’s that about?
Learn the meaning, don’t pout and shout,
Find out what’s a legal address, don’t be left out.

Last but not least, listen up okay,
Understand the mutuality of contracts, go out and slay,
It’s all about the law, every single day.