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Elks Lodge Rental Agreement Read more

First up, if you’re lookin’ to rent a lodge,

Make sure you read the agreement, don’t leave a dodge.

Theory vs Fact vs Law Read more

There’s theory, fact, and law, don’t get them confused,

Understanding them right is how you won’t get bruised.

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If jobs in legal consultin’ are what you seek,

Check out the opportunities, don’t be meek.

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When it comes to provident funds, Form 10C is key,

It’s a guide to withdrawal, so you can party with glee.

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For those dreamin’ of bein’ a lawyer someday,

Study length requirements, and you’re on your way.

COVID Laws with Work Read more

With COVID still around, laws at work are key,

Know the legal implications, and you’ll be full of glee.

Month to Month Lease Contract Template Read more

If you’re landlord or tenant, don’t make a fuss,

Get the right contract in place, and avoid a legal cuss.

Is It Legal to Drive with One Number Plate Read more

With your car on the road, make sure it’s complete,

Two plates are the law, don’t miss a beat.

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Lampe Law Office Read more

If you’re in need of legal representation without a trace,

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